The dunes that surround Vieux Boucau and represent today all the appeal of the Landes coast were for centuries a permanent source of danger. They threatened to bury the village and to make it disappear. Thus began the fight against the expansion of the dunes. In 1776, Nicolas Brémontier evoked the necessity of stabilising the dunes, and work was undertaken on the whole coastline. Gourbets and oyats, kinds of reeds easily spotted on the dunes, or even seedlings of pine were used to stabilise the sand. The development of this stabilised chain of dunes was considered as achieved at the beginning of the 20th century.The dunes are threatened by storms and strong tides which increase the erosion phenomenon, and by people who worsen their deterioration. Various facilities are are established to protect the dunes : the plants used to stabilise them or even the ganivelles, wooden fences allowing to rebuild the dune while favoring the development of the plants. Respect these facilities that proctect our dunes, preserve with us this natural space by taking the marked paths and do not trample the plants.


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